Wax Play Workshop

Wax Play Workshop

Wax Play Workshop is on Saturday TBA from 1pm to 3.30pm and is £40 each. Book your place with a small deposit.

You can arrive 15 mins prior. Do not be late please.

£10 deposit with £30 cash to pay on the day. No refunds. No transfers. Book here.  

Please bring a print out of your booking or have it on your phone.

Join Miss Kim from Club RUB, in her Wax Play Workshop and find out how to enjoy this sensual form of edge-play in a safe and controlled way.

Delight at all the different ways wax can be used if a fun, creative, BDSM and erotic session. The Wax Play demonstration from Club RUB’s Miss Kim will take you through safe use of wax and fire. There are many places that wax can be used on the body. The sensation of hot wax dripped onto skin can be both torture and sensual, it can also be alternated with ice cubes or cold metal implements for added effect.

You will be amazed at all the different parts of the body wax can be used on. Learn about the different types of wax and melting temperatures. Let’s get hot and horny together?

Miss KIM x

PS Always follow the instructions, once you have booked your ticket.