What, Where & When?

What, Where & When?

Club RUB was 20 years on on April 1st 2017, when on this date, it ceased to be a monthly event. It is now and annual event featuring the RUB Rewind Annual Rubber Awards.

Next party April 7th 2018. Tickets.

It will take place at The Alice, 133 Houndsditch, City of London EC3A 7BX. From 9pm to 3am.

If you have any questions email @clubrub@btinternet.com or telephone me on 0777 859 6047.

Strict fetish dress code applies. Many of the events have a theme, whilst this is optional, it’s great fun to join in! Themes are serving suggestions only. Always wear fetish clothes.
Club RUB has a policy of not discriminating against, partnered or single, gender, sexual orientation, size, race, looks, personal fetishes and the desires/opinions of others. Email me at clubrub@btinternet.com or telephone me on 0777 859 6047.
Club RUB has a policy of manners and respect. Those not adhering to this will be ejected if, once warned, carry on. Unacceptable behaviour such as fighting (i.e. non-consensual kicking, slapping etc) will not carry a warning. It’s very simple either tell the door person or venue manager. Alternatively, tell the cloakroom staff, glass collectors or bar staff, who can alert a doorman to deal with any unwanted behaviour. Of course, you can tell myself - Kim. However, I cannot deal with with any problems after the event. It’s impossible to sort out the offender/offended at this stage. This also applies to those not wearing fetish dresscode.

General Details

  • Music: Sexy house and pumping club classics from Irish Pete and Rob Parish.
  • Facilities: Bar, dancefloor, cloakroom and loads of seating.
  • Dungeon: Five pieces of equipment.
  • Ambience: Fun, friendly, sexy, provocative, comfortable.
  • Parking: Plenty of on-street available. Come early for best positions.
  • Changing facilities: Toilets.
  • Dress code: Remember Club R.U.B. is first and foremost a fetish club. You are required to wear fetish clothing only to gain entry. Rubber, leather, PVC, transparent, TV, full uniform (inc. hat) or totally O.T.T. (over the top). Absolutely NO fabric trousers or street wear. If you have an outfit in mind but are unsure - email clubrub@btinternet.com and describe it.
  • Photos: Official club photographers ONLY.


Club RUB is the only London club that has a strict fetish dress code. Proud of it too!