Psycho Ward & ER


On September 12th 2015 the next Club RUB theme is PSYCHO Ward and Medical ER at The Garage, 20-22 Highbury Corner, London N5 1RD. From 10.30pm to 4am.



This is our favourite theme of the year - MEDICAL. What we'd call a SUPER fetish event, now in it's 18th year!

Full Medical Installation with the Club RUB Team Nurses!

It's a chance to dress as a nurse, doctor, mental patient, surgeon, matron, bloodied patient, a ‘mummy’, loony ;p

The last Psycho & ER party was a fantastic night full of medical fun.

Here's a new moodboard to give you ideas. Let you mind wander and mix it up a little; like Vampire nurse or corpse bride (literally in an old wedding dress all bloodied), Dr Strangelove (with a strap-on and bug-eyed glasses) or a TV/drag Matron (with extra large boobies, all a bit 'Carry On').

Best dress prize of a set of restraints and a super large dildo.

Performance entitled: Psycho Ward!

* Suction cups

* ? will give a medical CP performance as Doc Love!

* Inflation sac demo

* Needles demo

* Mummification 'cling film' demo

* Vet wrap demo

* Free vet wrap hoods

* Free needle play for anyone who would like to try one (in the nipple, scrotum etc).

* Free rubber eye patches.

You can wear a fabric, PVC, leather or rubber doctors or nurses outfits.

Scrubs on their own will not be admitted. They look like pyjamas! Customise them, if you must wear them!

However, If you've got the body...we want to see it!




























Or just add a little blood and guts...



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Attention! Uniforms


On August 15th 2015 the next Club RUB theme is UNIFORMS at The Garage, 20-22 Highbury Corner, London N5 1RD. From 10.30pm to 4am.



This month we have your favourite theme - UNIFORMS. Maid, nurse, sailor, Naval officer, police, cheerleader, school, Cosplay uniform, steampunk unifrom, air hostess, etc.

Full latex military or authentic dress uniforms. Or add a flavour with forage cap and insignior.

Upstairs and downstairs...the General and the maid. The chauffeur and the groom. The nurse and the solider.


Why not just add a military T-shirt to your leather trousers.

Need a batonclubholderhat and handcuffs to finish off your Police uniform. Plus this makes a bold statement for only £5. Perhaps you just need a shirt to add to your leather trousers. Add a couple of stars to the collar for a bit of bling. No coppers outfit is finished without the star shaped badge. Or a clip-on one.

Guys who don't know where to put their keys and money should take a look at some of these holders.

Second Coming have loads of great uniforms. Don't forget to hit the 'like' button to keep updated about all their items.

A few chevrons on your jacket.

This changes a plain white shirt into a medical one.

Army boots will fit in perfectly.

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Old School & School Days


On July 18th 2015 the next Club RUB theme is Old School and  Schools Out For Summer at The Garage, 20-22 Highbury Corner, London N5 1DR 4AB. From 10.30pm to 4am.




Whether your a school boy or girl there are lots of options. Pinterest board ideas.

1. Cartoon style with black eye, hair gelled high, sticking plaster on the glasses, freckles, oversized or tiny clothes. Bright colours too right down to the tie. Dennis the Menacejumper.

2. The Scrapper with cuts and grazes, plasters all over, torn clothes and capon back to front.

3. Book worm with large glasses, cap on straight and a brief case. Don't forget the headboy badge.

4. Trendy. Pick any decade and follow the styles of the time. 50's shortback and side with long grey shorts and shirt. Worn with round National Health glasses. 70's long hair and wide tie with rounded laples on the jacket. Ultra short shorts too with a snake belt.

5. Summer style with straw boater and striped jacket, socks and pilmsoles.

Girls next...

1. Pigtails abnd cute.

2. St. Trinians.

3. Head Mistress with cane.

4. School teacher in blouse and pencil skirt.

5. Cheer leader.

6. Dinner lady!!@!

Headmaster with a cane, mortar board, etc. Please note you must wear fetish trousers. No Normal trousers.


'Old School' fetish clothing; capes, studded leather jackets, corsets and stockings etc! Check out this Pinterest board for more ideas.

This wonderful image above was specially commisoned by the famous illustrator and artist Sardax.

Let's have some fun with these two themes this month!

Miss KIM x







"This is a fetish event! You may wear ANY fetish attire.

Club RUB is London's premier fetish party. This kinky salon caters for a colourful crowd of fetishists, TV, trannies, drag queens, sexual deviants, perverts, hedonists on a monthly basis for the last 17 years.

Our alternative, bdsm nights are an opportunity to dress to excess. Whilst in the pursuit of depraved pleasure, all manner of kink, sexy antics, debauched & decadence behaviour, playful subversion, lustful submission, dominance from both Mistresses and Masters, kink, rubber ravers - all head to toe in latex, rubber, leather, corsets, full uniforms and other fetish clothing.

A night for the delight of the senses. It's a garden full of delicious delights and torture. A bit more than 50 Shades of Grey. All woman are put on a pedestal, even the dirty girls"

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