Doctors & Nurses Ball


September 13th 2014 is the next Club RUB date. The theme is medical - The Doctors and Nurses Ball at The Garage, 20-22 Highbury Corner, London N5 1RD. From 10.30pm to 4am.



This is our favourite theme of the year - MEDICAL. What we'd call a SUPER fetish event for the real McCoy!

Full Medical Installation and the Harem Den or know as the couples room for those that want to play Doctors & Nurses?

It's a chance to dress as a nurse, doctor, surgeon, matron, bloodied patient, a ‘mummy’, loony ;p

* Straight jacket prize to try on.

* The Earl will give a medical CP performance as Doc Love!

* Electric demo from Miss Scorpion.

* Needles demo

* Mummification demo

* Genital rope bondage demo

* Free needle play for anyone who would like to try one (in the nipple, scrotum etc).

* Free rubber eye patches for the infirm!!!

Wear fabric, PVC, leather or rubber doctors or nurses outfits. Scrubs on their own will not be admitted. They look like pyjamas! Customise them, if you must wear them!

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Attention! Uniforms


August 16th 2014 is the next Club RUB date. The theme is Uniforms at The Garage, 20-22 Highbury Corner, London N5 1RD. From 10.30pm to 4am.

Please note later start time.


This month we have your favourite theme - UNIFORMS. Maid, nurse, sailor, Naval officer, police, cheerleader, school, Cosplay uniform, steampunk unifrom, air hostess, etc.

Full latex military or authentic dress uniforms. Or add a flavour with forage cap and insignior.

Upstairs and downstairs...the General and the maid. The chauffeur and the groom. The nurse and the solider.

Why not just add a military T-shirt to your leather trousers.

Need a batonclubholderhat and handcuffs to finish off your Police uniform. Plus this makes a boldstatement for only £5. Perhaps you just need a shirt to add to your leather trousers. Add a couple of stars to the collar for a bit of bling. No coppers outfit is finished without the star shaped badge. Or a clip-on one.

Guys who don't know where to put their keys and money should take a look at some of these holders.

Second Coming have loads of great uniforms. Don't forget to hit the 'like' button to keep updated about all their items.

A few chevrons on your jacket.

This changes a plain white shirt into a medical one.

Army boots will fit in perfectly.

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Pirates And Wenches

pirates500x722.jpgNEW VENUE: July 19th 2014 is the next Club RUB date. The theme is Pirates & Wenches at The Garage, 20-22 Highbury Corner, London N5 1RD. From 10.30pm to 4am.

Please note later start time.


Everyone loves a pirate theme! Blabber t' yer mates me hearties...arrrgh!

Due to the past success of this theme we have decided to do it again. Key your name into this and it will generate you a pirate name. There will be pirate flag decorations.
Gifts of fans for the wenches. Just visit Discotits our friendly wench in her boudoir.


Let's not be snobs. Sometimes a cheap outfit is just as thrilling as an expensive one. So long as you're getting involved. There are millions of pirate sites - get surfing now. The theme is a real treat as everyone loves a pirate or a good old Jolly Rogering!


Get any wide brim floppy style hat and pin it up into a tricorn very easily. Add a couple of feathers. Maybe staple or glue some braid around the edge. These are great pirate pants. Very resonable pirate tricorn hat. Pirate shirt in eight colours. This is a great site for all pirate gear, including plus sizes.


Basic Pirate Gear:


This consists of hat, trousers, vest, cloak, shirt, boots, earrings, eye patch and pirate weapons, including a hook! Parrot - optional!  Great selection of bit and bobs including a spyglass! I really hope someone comes as this!


Step 1 Pirate weapons are easy to find.

There are loads on the internet ranging from £2 onwards. Make sure it's not an offensive weapon. Very authentic pistol or this one.


Step 2 The hat is very important!

Again there are loads on the internet and you will definitely find one in your local party shop as Pirates is in the top five themes! Or even a bandana. Don't forget to embellish your hat with old pins, sculls and brooches - and even add some feathers, etc. Try to make it your own.


Step 3 The pants or skirt

Go to your local thrift store (or charity) and seek out a pair of black leather or PVC pants to cut up and make ragged calf length. Gok Wan has made these fashionable again. These can either hang loose over your boots - or be tucked in. They can also be baggy harem style if you choose! Stripped pyjama bottoms cut up will work too. Great price on leatherette jeans.


Step 4 The shirt

The best pirate shirts are those loose white (usually) cotton garments with a draw string neck, balloon sleeves with a frill found the cuff. They look great in black too. You can also layer up your pirate shirts and jackets, one over the other (pirates are notoriously untidy). This site has 30 different styles to choose from in 10 colours.


Step 5 Waistcoat

Any will do. embroidered, sequined, leather, tweed, cotton etc.


Step 6 The cloak or jacket

Can be made from an old full circle skirt by cutting down one of the side seams. Sew cords to each end of the waistband so that I could tie it in a debonair fashion hung off one shoulder.


Step 7 Belts and scarves

Old belts, scarves and cummerbunds are wonderful! They can not only go around your waist but around your neck, head or over your shoulder like a cartridge belt.


Step 8 The Boots have it!

Pirates always wear snazzy boots! Embellish with a pair of old buckles or tie some scarfs around them. Thigh boots are perfect.


Step 9 Add wig or make up

Lastly you can add final touches to your costume by wearing a wig or face make up - plenty of eyeliner. You can get dreadlock wigs at party stores or 'black women's hair product shops'!!! Don't forget the large hoop earrings and draw on some tattoos with a permanent felt pen.


Of course, you guys could just get a great pirate t-shirt - these are fantastic. Authentic military look. Hello sailor.


Wenches Wear:


Bloomers are a good starting point.


Great looking wench sets from this US site – especially this bodice.


This US company has fast delivery to the UK on 114 pirate outfits!


With this cute spyglass necklace you could see when the pirates were coming! Or a compass for your pirate so he knows the way home.


This sort of cheaper wench outfit would look great shortened with rubber stockings & opera length gloves with the front of the skirt held up with rope or ribbon.


You could always hire a pirate wench outfit.


Sew a load of chocolate coins to your top and come as a treasure chest "Aye, I loves them wenches with their low cut tops. Coz I really treasures their chests. Muhahahaha hahaha" said Pirate Jack.

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