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Club Rub Newsletter

It's that time of the year...18th Annual Club RUB Rubber Awards.

Club RUB is on Saturday, November 14th at The Garage, 20-22 Highbury Corner, London N5 1RD. From 10.30pm to 4am.

It's optional, but if you wear your best rubber we will encourage you to come up on stage briefly, so you can be seen and judged. After the performance, the winners are invited, out of the audience, to come up on stage and get their trophy, certificate and voucher for £200 worth of rubber. Everything should be finished for 12.15/30. Come early please though. As we would like to start at 11.30.

Marnie Scarlet will perform for us. After Marnie has finished, we announce the 10 winners!


We have another COMPETITION below:

To kickstart this feature, we are running a competition with Fatsoma (ticket sales) for our customers with a cash prize of £1,000! It’s easy to enter the competition. All you have to do is use the social share tool after they buy a ticket to our event! The winner will be picked at random on November 19th 2015.

This is a great prize and gives you an extra incentive to buy a ticket for our event. Enter after you buy a ticket to a Fatsoma event.

The second way you enter is to download the Fatsoma app and use the NEW ‘I’m going’ button to share the event you’re going to on Twitter. Sharing this Twitter post and Retweeting tweets mentioning Club RUB events. Sharing this Facebook post.

You can read more about the competition and get the Apphere.




Club RUB is the only monthly fetish party with a strict fetish dress code #fetishdresscodeclub It's a fetish club! The themes are serving suggestions - ONLY. They are not compulsory!

Even though this month is rubber theme, you may wear ANY fetish clothing, including PVC, leather, rubber, corsets etc. Absolutely NO streetwear or normal trousers/clothes. You MUST make an effort or NO entry.


£200 voucher prizes:

1. Rubber55 - BEST Hood.

2. Atsuko Kudo - BEST Lady.

3. Libidex - BEST Creative Rubber.

4. Bondinage - BEST Uniform.

5. Breathless - BEST Couple.

6. Demask - Special Catagory.

7. Regulation - BEST Rubber Man.

8. House of Harlot - BEST Full Rubber.

9. Honour - BEST Rubber Dress.

10. Due to Westward Bound pulling out. The replacement prize will be a goody bag of Queen Latex Accessories.

Marnie Scarlet performs Cinders.

Our DATES themes and ticket sales for 2016.

Miss Kim's new BLOG!

Mistress Workshop November 28th 2015. Book with a small deposit. Or if you prefer a week day one-to-one for the same price.

Latex Workshop one-to-ones available or January 2016. Email Kim for details.

Mistress Vanessa’s Dungeon Party December 8th 2015. From 6pm to 10pm. BOOK NOW!

Absolutely NO cameras. This is a self-policing process and it's for your benefit - not anyone else's. Offenders will be dumped in a rubber body bag and buried.

Photos by Tony Betts and PKK Phototography.

Check the Gallery for the rest.

Kims Kinky Tips

These table cloth weights are handy for adding weight to nipple clamps...and to stop your table cloth flying away!

Past Events

    Gothic Theme

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Your Letters

Hi Kim,
You the best thing about the club, is that, you don't need to be wearing really expensive and elaborate outfits to have a good time. I wore about £15 worth of clothing and had a really good time and that's me being expensive! There were so many people wearing just minimal wear, but making that effort to be in with the general theme. Point is, you don't need to be flamboyant and haute couture to have a good time.The music was awesome. The DJ was incredibly friendly and made the effort to join in as well. And the best part, I came away with knowing a few more people, some of whom I'm looking forward to seeing again. And you'd be surprised how friendly everyone is and how much of an effort Kim and her team help introduce every one to every one else. At the end of the day, you feel as if you're in a big party with well known friends. And I've made a few friends that night :) I'm definitely looking forward to the next one.

Hi Kim,
I had a wonderful time last time at the Club Rub. Oh my Goodness, the DJ was absolutely fabulous and I found myself shaking my booty in my full Regalia. The atmosphere was magical and I intend to visit it again soon. what I have been missing! It was absolutely superb. Thanks Kim for a wonderful after party. Divine,divine. Xxx

Hi Kim,
What a brilliant night at Club RUB last night. After not being out for a while, again I chose the best club for my outing. The friendliest club, the most delicious host, banging tunes (thanks Rob and Pete) and what a crowd last night. Was so good to catch up with everyone I've not seen for a while, and of course meeting new friends :) Miss Kim, you've done yourself proud, as you Always do. Was a night to remember :) And Thank you so much for my beautiful birthday gift. Can't wait to wear it ;)After no sleep, and at the end of a 3 day bender, Chinese and sleep for me. See you all in Nov xXx

Hi Kim,
What a fantastic after party it was at the Club Rub last Saturday. Madame Volcano was there ithrowing some fabulous moves in the dance floor that has never been seen before in her full regalia, lol . It was certainly after a few too many glasses of champs.My goodness the DJ was fabulous and I just realized what I have been missing. I will most definitely visit it more often. Thanks Kim for the fabulous night. It was just the icing on the cake after an amazing evening. X

Hi Kim,
Club Rub disco last night (10/10/2015) was just the best ever disco night I have attended in a long long time. Fantastic hostessing by our wonderful Miss Kim and her girls, great croud - so friendly and enthusiastic, great DJ playing solid pumping house and Garage for us to enjoy and get our groove on with. For any of our Club Rub members that were not there, you really did miss a treat so you have to try and catch up lol.

As a newbie it was my very first Club Rub event and I am truly very impressed and will definitely be back for more. I really do appreciate the niceness and kind welcome that everyone I met at the event showed to me and that put me at ease and made me feel most welcome and involved. Thank you dear Miss Kim for putting this all together cos I think all the different elements of Miss Kim's planning and the positive attitude of everyone there made it such a fantastic night for me and for everyone. Cheers everyone and hoping you all have a great week :)

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Miss KIM x