Mistress Workshops

Mistress Workshops

Spend an afternoon with Miss Kim Rub learning about female domination. Taught from the perspective of someone who has been on the UK fetish scene 30 years and is an accomplished dominant. Miss Kim will deliver tips, anecdotes and formulars with females at a beginners level. She shares the secrets of the fem dom lifestyle which includes how to conduct a session and setting yourself up as a pro domme, plus lots more. This workshop features live demonstrations, Q&A, esprit de corps for female participants only.

The next monthly Mistress Workshop is Oct 12th 2019 at The Studio, Hackney Road, London, E2 7QL. From 13.00 to 17.30.

Tickets are £150. Book a place with a £20 deposit.

Or you may prefer a One-to-one Workshop for £180 but during the week.


Dates may be subject to change at any time.

This Mistress Workshop is a little more - 50 Shades of Pink, than Grey! It covers all the basic aspects of fun and consensual BDSM. It’s all about learning how to be creative, exciting and sexy, but in a safe way.

It also gives you an insight and guidance on, how to conduct a playful session. It’s designed to bring out your natural dominance, so you become the confident ‘Mistress’ you always knew you were.

Glass of Cava upon arrival. Also an erotic spanking and tea and cake at the break.

If you have any question please email Miss Kim. One-to-one workshops available during the week at no extra cost.
This workshop is presented to you by Miss Kim from Club RUB, who has been actively involved in the fetish scene for 26 years. The workshop covers all the basic aspects you need to know. It is all about learning how to be creative, exciting and fun in a safe way. It also gives you an insight on how to conduct a session. It’s designed to bring out your natural dominance so become the Mistress you always knew you were.

This is a beginners workshop. It would suit someone thinking of becoming a pro-domme. Or someone in a relationship who needs to take control, the curious or a show-off!

Being a Mistress requires imagination, confidence and good communications skills. No book can teach you what personal tuition, with someone knowlegeable and experienced can.

Of course, not all domination is about the home-user as some ladies would like to be a professional Mistress. For those wishing to be a professional, this workshop offers you guidance and information in the last 30 minutes of the class. This includes; how to get started and promote yourself. You do not need to be based in London or have your own dungeon as there are many available for rental all over the UK and Internationally too.

There is no time like the present to take control of your life, and your submissives!.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClubRUBWorkshop

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClubRUBWorkshops


* Beginnings can be hard and confusing. Kim’s Mistress Workshops are an excellent no-nonsense starting point for all the Ladies who feel a need to release their inner Dominant. Kim will guide you through the first steps of your new path as a Mistress with an inspiring energy and humor. Afterwards it will only become easier. Recommended. Vicious Poison

* What a fantastic, fruity, fabulous course. Unique in every way, with lots of valuable shared information. Can’t wait for the next course. Thank you again for teaching an insightful & engaging course, love your personality & hope it’s ok to occasionally pick your talented brain in the future. Until our paths cross again. Lady Curvaceous

* Dear Kim, thank you so much for such a wonderful afternoon workshop. I learned so much and really feel confident now about going out and becoming a fully fledged Domme! Not only was the training in-depth, it was also great fun and I would happily recommend you to any groups of ladies looking to surprise and delight their partners or to ladies like me who would like to make a career from this work Many thanks Kim. Gaby x

* Hello Miss Kim and many many thanks for this email and all the information you have provided. The training yesterday was excellent for me in terms of content, presentation style and relevance to me. Thanks so much also for all the information and links you have kindly provided to us here. Miriam xx

* I saw my first client as a pro Domme yesterday and had a great session! I was quite nervous at the beginning, but settled in quickly and really enjoyed it. Your workshop played a big part in giving me the confidence to do this kind of work and not feel like I have to spend a fortune on fetish gear. I used my tights to tie the wrists, as a blindfold and to tie the ankles…my slave loved it! He even managed to make a cup of tea with wrists and feet tied. Your advice on poppers was particularly precious as my slave wanted to use one, I kept it under my control as it really does stink! Anyway, it went a lot better than I expected and my client asked to see me again, so a heartfelt thank you! All the best, Kim x

* I opted for the private session and can honestly say it was the most fun, informative and relaxed experience I could have wished for. The session was conducted in an informal fashion with a mixture of PowerPoint, practical demonstrations (poor cushion) and good old fashioned conversation with questions and experience sharing. Mistress Kim is an incredibly eloquent, experienced and humorous woman who encouraged me to ask questions (and I did ask some very stupid ones!) and answered them with practical insight and intelligence. Go, enjoy, relax, and she also provides cake! Nik x

* Hi Kim,
Thanks for the tips and all the links. I really enjoyed the workshop. It was not only good fun but it was very informative too. It definitely got me wanting to explore this area further. Best wishes, Kinga

* Hi Kim
Thank you for a very informative, thought-provoking and downright utterly hilarious workshop on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and meeting all the other ladies. Thanks again. Kind regards, Fi aka Transvision_Vamp

Apologies for taking over a week to get back to you to say a big “Thank You” for the lovely fun . . . and informative . . . Mistress Workshop. I’ve already been putting some of your excellent pointers to good use . . . hence my delay in emailing!!! I really enjoyed the relaxed and friendly atmosphere and would certainly recommend the workshop to any other ladies looking for advice and helpful hints. And your follow-up list is a wonderful reference point to keep going back to for reminders . . . and fun giggles!!! Thank you so much again . . . and I’m looking forward to the 18th Birthday Club Rub. See you there! Xxx - K (Mistress Modesty Ablaze)

* Miss Kim, Thank you ever so much for a wonderful enlightening afternoon. I was quite nervous and unsure when I arrived but you soon settled my nerves. You were friendly, welcoming and put me at my ease very quickly. I felt like I had known you for years as you are so easy to talk to. The session was informative and covered all the areas I expected plus more tips and practical advise. I hope that I can put all your ideas and suggestions into practice and make a wonderful Mistress. Thanks again.

* The workshop was incredibly friendly and delivered in a fun and approachable manner. Kim was very supportive and provided the confidence necessary to begin a journey into female dominance - thank you! Regards K x

* Dear Miss Kim, Thank you so much! I’m so impressed and touched that you’re so generous with your time, sharing experiences and learnings with us less travelled. It makes me regret slightly that I have over the last 7 years or so not really interacted with the wider BDSM community in London. So much to learn. Thank you. I thought your workshop was excellent, very suitable both for those who already have a few slaves on tap, and those who have more limited experience. Exchanging ideas and tips in a group of open-minded women was fantastic, and you used your own personal experience to frame our questions and comments. Invaluable. I’m very grateful. The afternoon really was an inspiration, I recently left my office job and seriously think about part-time pro-Domme work. I knew there was a lot to learn, and I’m very excited about starting the journey. Thanks ever so much, see you soon! xxx

* Hi Kim, Thank you for the follow up email - you have possibly the world’s greatest imagination! My feedback on the workshop would be that I simply had the most fabulous afternoon, and I feel you’ve unleashed the kinky beast within! And for the first time in my adult life, I’ll be embracing shopping trips to Ikea and B&Q with a different perspective. Lou x

* Amazing day, certainly gave me lots to think about! Kim kept it light and real and that’s what I’ll remember the most! Emily

* Good afternoon Miss Kim, Just got back to Lincolnshire, and my head has been full of thoughts. I wanted to thank you for truly amazing day, it was really lovely to meet you (and your assistant - who had an awesome bottom btw) I came away excited and inspired and my love of BDSM has grown stronger. Kind regards, Lady T

* Dear Miss Kim, Thank you so much for yesterday! What a wonderful delightful afternoon! I will respond more properly including a quote you can use later, but I wanted to maximise my chances of coming to Mistress Vanessa’s party by replying early, pretty please, Mistress? Have a lovely rest if the day, I will respond more properly later. Xxx Mistress Willow

* Dear Kim, An enlightening and light hearted afternoon, thank you. Great fun and a nice bottom being correctly spanked. I think you gave wonderful opportunity for discussion and experience sharing. The overall impression was of humour in a taboo subject. The inexperienced went away with new confidence and ideas to build upon. The experienced had blown away cobwebs with sisterhood. and a few ideas, uses for tights and household objects spring to mind. All those years of your experiences in the scene were obvious and very interestingly shared with the class. Regards KQ

* Dear Miss Kim, Thanks so much for your time, imagination and attention at the Mistress Workshop! It really helped both with practical skills and with thinking creatively and in a fun way about everyday life and the lifestyle. A safe, warm and humorous environment for a newcomer, and with lots of links and info to follow up. I’ve signed up for more training and invested in some stuff. Hoping to see you this Saturday or at a later event, Sue

* Thanks so much! The workshop helped me a lot with the concept of structuring a session. I am feeling utterly inspired now and am eager to put all I learned into practice. (Marzanna)