Master Workshop

Master Workshop

Master Introductory workshops session is a 1-2-1 on BDSM, concentrating on Dominance and Mastery.

It sounds a mouthful and complicated, but in essence Master Somers breaks the subject down into easy to manage sections for the following areas.

*History of BDSM

*Anatomy + Safety



*Techniques and tips including safety (safety is so important I cover it several times)

*Hands on look within a Dominants tools of the trade

*BDSM on a budget

*Follow up brief of session (written)

*Follow up support (open ended).

Sessions tend to last for 2 hrs+ and will be tailored to your specific needs.

In these strange covid times, Master Somers is fully vaccinated and he needs not know your status.

Please contact Kim about deposit and payment for the session on 07729003220.

Attendees are given light refreshments as a matter of course.

Stay safe,

Master Somers