Latex Workshop

Latex Workshop

Only available as one-to-one Latex REPAIR Workshops during the week.

Latex Workshops: Learn How to REPAIR Latex Items. Learn some tricks of the trade. Sponsored by Radical Rubber (sister company of Libidex).

Available during the week only. Choose your own date. This will be a one-to-one Latex REPAIR Workshop. Email for details.

Glue, thinners, spatular and practice latex are supplied as part of the workshop - cost £150 each.

The Club RUB Latex Workshop is the first workshop of it’s kind in the UK. It was started in September 2010 and has operated out of Shoreditch, London. The instructor is Miss KIM who also teaches the Mistress Workshop.

YOU DONT NEED YOUR YOUR OWN TOOL KIT! But if you have the items below, please bring them.

Rotary cutter 45mm Olfa are the best. Not the one with the squeeze handle. Beware of inferior quality cutters.
Tape measure - dress makers
Ruler metal
Sharp sissors - medium size
Soft lint-free J-cloths
Talcum powder (bit in a jar with a make-up powder brush).
Hard plastic wallpaper seam roller (£2 from Poundland or in class for £4)
White gel pen - must be ‘Gel’ (available in class for £4)
Pen and paper (to take notes)TESTIMONIALS


After tearing my 3rd rubber catsuit in as many weeks I decided to find a suitable latex course that would teach me the basics so in future I could at least try to fix my torn rubber, rather than throw it away like I had been doing. After a short search I found a day long course run by Kim Rub which is held at her lovely studio in Shoreditch. There’s lots of parking right on the doorstep too! The course is both practical, hands on and easy to follow. I was taught how to glue latex in the event of a tear, shown how to made an apron as well as how to decorate a latex garment. I’ll definitely be putting my new skills to the test straight away. Great course, I thoroughly recommend. Jane.

I attended the Latex Workshop with Kim today and now feel totally inspired! Being a guy and someone who has never made latex clothes before i thought it would be very difficult. It obviously is….but Kim made it seem and feel amazingly easy! A very relaxed approach, in an inspiring location made for a very productive day. I’m now half way through creating my own, new bespoke dress pattern to convert into latex thanks to Kim! Thanks again, Nigel

Thank you for the amazing workshop yesterday. After weeks of blundering around at home your course taught me in a single day the essential techniques and skills I was so desperate to achieve.
I have much more confidence in my latex abilities now and can’t wait to put everything that I learnt to good use! Emma x

Hi Kim,
I’ve only just managed to get online as I didn’t have internet while in London. Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic workshop and for the links, you have been beyond helpful and I would of just been completely lost trying to do it on my own. Going to start off with collars and cuffs and work my way up from there. I’m going to join your facebook workshop page and just keep myself updated and practise practise practise! When I’ve got a bit more money I’d love to come along to one of your events too. Anyway thanks again, take care and maybe see you soon. Julie x

Hi Kim,
Just a quick message to say thanks for the great workshop yesterday, I’m inspired to get more creative! I think I need to get a bit of practise in before starting on the outfit a friend has asked me to make for her! I was just wondering if you could send me a few links for the suppliers? Thanks! Rebecca

I had a stupendous day at Latex Workshops with Kim from Club Rub as my Teacher. I have always been a fan of latex for my whole life but learning the tricks and processes of latex garment construction was a real eye opener. It helps a great deal that Kim’s finger is directly on the pulse of what is fashionable in the latex world now. She is delightful company as well as a knowledgeable and patient teacher. I think anyone who goes will feel empowered to have had so much fun and learn so much at the same time. Heather: Organiser of London Fetish Fair

Hi Kim, Thanks so much for the latex workshop today, I am literally buzzing with ideas. You explained everything so well and it was easy to follow. Making the items at the workshop really helped it all to sink in. All I need to do now is practice, practice, practice! Thanks, Bo

Kim ciao!
Yesterday your workshop on Latex/Lattice inspired me very much, attention to detail the valuable advice and your enthusiasm is contagious! I can not wait to attend other courses with you, thanks, see you soon xxx Mae

Thank you so much for the class and the information you sent me. It was lovely to meet you. The class you gave me has already helped me to design a better collection. I will definitely keep you posted on my developments. Thanks again, Arianna

Thank you for taking the time to put on the Latex Workshop. I had a great time and am proud of the apron and pieces WE made . I thought it was informative and nice relaxed learning environment and you were great teacher. It was a well worth the price, and again I appreciate you going above and beyond with lending me the tools and the extra latex scraps. I’ll have to make something special for you.

Aside from the workshop, I had an absolute wonderful time in your company and enjoyed our conversation immensely. I truly wish I lived closer so we could do that again and often. As someone recently told me, it is lovely to add you to my tapestry of life. Sincerely, Cory

The workshop with Kim was one of the most fun, tiring and exhilarating courses that I have been on for a long time. Kim was an excellent teacher, being very clear and methodical in her approach and gave some brilliant information and instruction in creating garments. The afternoon was over before I realised and the time flew by. It was a relaxed and supportive environment and I thoroughly recommend anyone with an interest in latex wear to take this course….Russell, Pattern Cutter.

Hi Kim,
Great fun! The latex workshop was an excellent way to spend an afternoon and you get to make a fun rubber outfit to take home. You start by learning some basic techniques and then put them into practice on your outfit. Kim is a great teacher with a cracking sense of humor and you will certainly learn how to cut straight! You’ll also learn a lot of tips that you’ll find hard to pick up just looking around online. I would suggest getting an OLAF rotary cutter like the one’s that Kim sells though, I had another brand and it just wasn’t up to the job. I’d really recommend the workshop whether you want to make clothes or accessories to personalise your existing outfits. Squiffer x

Hi Kim,
Thank you very much for all the info, great workshop, useful directions and advices and your lovely company. I’ll try not to forget to send you pictures of the outfit as soon as I have some. Massimo was pleased with the result too, he can’t wait for all the repairs to be done now!! See you around on the scene sometimes. Kristina x

I recently attended the February Latex Workshop and have to say I found it extremely helpful and Kim to be absolutely lovely. I had been wanting to work with latex for a while and had looked at information online but can honestly say the workshop was invaluable! Kim taught us lots of techniques and tricks that you wouldn’t know about from just online. I’m now raring to go and already looking at making my first Latex dress. The workshop was great, friendly and well worth traveling down to from Scotland. Thanks again Kim. Love Kelly x

Hi Kim,
Wanted to say what an absolutely fab day I had on Miss Kim’s latex workshop. I would recommend to anyone thinking of taking a lesson in learning how to glue and cut latex etc don’t hesitate! I learnt so much and even suprised myself at how quickly I managed construct my lovely jade green Apron! Kims enthusiasm, sense of humour and fun were infectious and the class was relaxed and informal. I hadn’t expected to come away with some glue and thinners either which enabled me to continue playing with rubber and I managed to make a birthday gift of appliquéd knickers ;-D for my girlfriend! All in all a great day… thanks Kim. Best wishes Simon x

Dear Kim,
Thank you so much for the tutorial I found your tuition so clear, patient and helpful that I’m now confident in developing my new found skill. I have continued practicing the curved seam and am sure I will master the technique quite quickly. The information that you have supplied is so comprehensive, you have left nothing out, it’s all so helpful. Thank you again for your help and encouragement. Love, Bobby X

After around 6 years of wanting to do the latex workshop with Kim, I finally got the chance to travel down to London to do it! The workshop was so relaxed and informative, and Kim is so lovely - she knows tips and tricks that would take you years to get without her tuition. She made sure that I was doing things correctly before we moved on, it really is amazing what you can achieve in a few hours with a great tutor. Not only that, Kim is a great help even after the workshop if I have any questions! Would highly recommend Kim’s latex workshop to anybody interested in giving it a try. Thank you Kim! Lauren x