Bishopsgate Institute Library Archive

11 May, 2018

Bishopsgate Institute Library Archive

When I received the email from the Bishopsgate Institute Library Archive, I was shocked and thrilled beyond words.

It’s not everyday you are invited to archive your entire Club RUB career history in a prestigious organisation like the Bishopsgate InstituteLibrary Archive. Of course, I said yes.

I’ve always been quite organised, you really had to be 21 years ago, as nothing was digital. In fact, there were no computers! Or mobile phones! Or digital cameras! So I had all the hardcopy newsletters, photos, flyers, press clippings etc. Handing them over was relatively easy. The great thing is, they do all the recording and cataloguing.

That’s when I started Club RUB - 1996. You should know I’ve been a fetish club promoter for 23 years, as I started the Rubber Nipple Club in 1994. However, only information pertaining to RUB is now cataloged in the Bishopsgate Institute Library Archive, and that’s in its entirety.

Suffice to say, I don’t know another person that has their 20 career history documented in a library archive. It’s a great honour to be asked, and probably one of the happiest and proudest moments of my life. I feel like it has drawn a line under the closure of Clubs RUB this April 2018. All a coincidence, coincidentally!

On the night I delivered the first speech at Bishopsgate Institute Library Archive.

The launch of the collection in May 2018, at the Bishopsgate Institute Library Archive, was a proud moment as I spoke to those assembled in the library from the lectern.

Trevor Watson came and many of his flyer images were displayed, as he supplied some of the very first ones.

Irish Peter, my DJ for the last 20 years gave a speech about how he felt as he walked into Club RUB on the events first night.

Marnie Scarlet also spoke to the assembled crowd, who included, artists Jason Atomic and Oliver Harud, who did a set of six flyers in 2015. Marnie talked about how many times she and Max had partied at RUB going back 15 years.

My favourite doll came Michaela Marbella, Krystina Kitsis from Ectomorph, fetish model Manko, LIz, Mistress Silk and many of my closest and dearest friends to numerous to mention.

Bishopsgate Institute Library Archive displayed some of the monthly flyers, but not all as 20 years worth, would take a lot of space.

If you don’t know the Bishopsgate InstituteLibrary Archive then check it out as it’s many things other than a Library Archive. It’s a beautiful building also with an original untouched library. You can access the Club RUB archive by going in and asking to see it.

Of course, you may think that’s all a hard act to follow…not so, now I make my mark on the fem domme world. Watch this space. See if I don’t!!!

Miss Kim x