We LOVE Yummy Gummy

9 Mar, 2018

We LOVE Yummy Gummy

Yummy Gummy not only make unique sheet latex, but also a ready-to-wear clothing range by the very talented Rebecca Allsop. She is joining us on April 7th 2018 to pick the BEST Unique Rubber at the 21st Club RUB Annual Rubber Awards. The winner will be handed a voucher to spend on her ready-to-wear collection to the value of £200. Get yourself along to The Alice, 133 Houndsditch, City of London EC3A 7BX, from 9pm and before 10pm as we start on the dot.


None of the sheet latex is printed. It is all hand poured. They make patterned latex, textured latex, galaxy latex, furry effect latex, sparkly latex, glittery latex, marble latex, spotty latex, super colourful latex, splattered latex, UV latex, camouflage latex, floral latex, holographic latex, pearlescent latex, painted latex, iridescent latex, colour change latex, metallic latex, animal print latex, smokey latex, opal latex, jewel latex, lace latex, rainbow latex, rainbow holographic latex, multi chrome latex, tie dye latex and many many more, your imagination is the limit. No other manufacturer of ‘special’ sheet latex offers this kind of service in as big a sheet size (2m x 1m).

Yummy Gummy’s ready-to-wear collection comes in sizes 8 to 18. These come in several different colour patterns, when in stock. They can also be made in your own unique coloured pattern. 

Rebecca offers; your colour, dress size and style of clothing, by simply emailing her. Items can be mixed and matched to make your own unique latex wardrobe. Separates are great for those who are two different sizes.

Rebecca is slim and beautiful, so no need to hire in a model, to show off her designs  (here ion her turquoise glitter catsuit and hood). Check out the gallery and see for yourself. Plus their latex is a riot of colour.