Sexy Fetish Catsuits

18 Aug, 2017

Sexy Fetish Catsuits

As a fetish party goer for the last 28 years, also a mistress, dominatrix, pro domme, I have realised that you need to wear something that is going to allow you to dance and work with ease of movement.

It's hard to do BDSM work in rubber and leather, as they don't breath and you can get very hot. When searching the internet for a catsuit, I found a fantastic black one on the Honour Clothing website in the sexy fetish catsuit section.

I'm lucky enough to get invited to lots of fetish house parties and usually end up staying a few days to enjoying the countryside and the gracious hospitality of the host(s). A sexy catsuit allows me to feel comfortable lounging around, whilst feeling glamorous and sexy at the same time. Just add high heel courts, ankle boots or thigh boots (flat footed would never do).

I like velvet as it's sensual and a fantastic fabric, as it's very slimming. Of course, it's an optical illusion but that's better than nothing. As the fabric has no shine, your eyes do not follow the outer edges of the body, so your eyes are drawn in to the centre of the fabric. The curves of your body are not in the field of vision.

Also a sexy fetish catsuit always offers a great base for ANY themed outfit decision. The most obvious is feline; house cat, cougar or black panther. Or cat burglar with a mask and a swag bag.

Simply add a cape, hat and mask for the Zorro character. Honour also have this sleeveless lycra catsuit which is a little cooler for the summer.

Honour have an amazing selection of sexy fetish catsuits...everyone should own at least one! Meow.

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