Missing Flyers

25 Jan, 2018

Missing Flyers

Thrilled and excited to announce that the Bisphopsgate Institute approached me in November 2017, to ask if they could archive and record the 'entire' Club RUB history. 

I feel honoured to have been asked to record, my part of the London fetish scene, in the last 20 years. 

They are going to archive all my hard-copy flyers, photos, newsletters and save the ephemera. These will then be digitally recorded and added to a dedicated Club RUB part of their library.

Plus all of the existing digital Club RUB data (minus the emails) will be transferred to their library. Recorded for all time.

When I looked through everything I realised I was missing a few. Can you help? Have any of you got some flyers from the past?

I would love the following 'missing flyers'.

* Dec 1997

* Oct 1998 probably taken by Trevor Watson

* July & Nov by Emma Delves Broughton (featured)

* July by Ray Leaning

* Apr/May/Jun by J. Green for Hoodlovers.com

* Oct/Dec by Photobooth

* March by Marcus T

* Nov/Dec by Just James

* Pink Catsuit flyer by Trevor Watson

* Aug by Fred Kyrel

* All by Helen Jones 

* March/Jun by James and James

* Dec by Richard Knightly

* April by Alfonse

* Sept by Nick Tucker (Charlie as a school girl).

Email kimrub@btinternet.com if you have any of these and I will give you an address to post them to.

Miss KIm x

Featured photo by Emma Delves Broughton