How To Use Electrastim

26 Dec, 2017

How To Use Electrastim

Miss Kim will be demonstrating the amazing ElectraStim on both male and female volunteers. So get down early and offer yourself up, for the most electrifying night.

This is truly an experience, and just remember it's not all about pain!

Arrive at Folklore Bar, 186 Hackney Road, London E2 7QL from 9pm. The six demos start at 10pm and include:

1. Mistress Lagertha - Sensation and Massage Play

2. Mistress Pussy Willow - Wrestling moves demo - restraints without rope

3. Freya Trans Dom - Florentine flogging

4. Mistress Var - Saline Infusion

5. High Protocol - Ma’am (Fluidspace)

6. ElectraStim.



Photo Metro.