Honour Clothing

26 Aug, 2017

Honour Clothing

New! I'm going to be working closely with Honour Clothing on some in-store BDSM workshops and reviewing some of their products on here. They have such an amazing selection.

Joe and Mandy at Honour Clothing have been running their business for nearly 32 years. Honour Clothing is so much more than a company selling and manufacturing all types of fetish attire. Their range encompasses everything you would need for a kinky lifestyle. They have histroy, as they have dressed some of the worlds most beautiful fetish models and influential Dominas too. They were probably the first 'big' kinky store in the UK, and still are the biggest in their field.

I've known them both for 25 years, so I know they work their hardest to bring you the best products they can find. Not to mention maunfacturiung some of the most afforable and creative, range of men's and woman's rubber clothing - Honour Clothing.

It's really important to me that I work with people that can deliver. I have always strived for excellence with my clubs, workshops and my domination work. Honour Clothing is that colaboration. It's a name you can trust.

They have two shops, one in Waterloo, London and the other is a huge showroom, which is their HQ in Watford. I will be doing the BDSM Workshops in their Watford Store, as they is much more room. They will take place on a Friday evening after work. If you are not already on the Club RUB database, then go to the HOME page, scroll to the bottom and subscribe. That way I will be able to let you know when they are coming up. November is the first date we have discussed.

Have a look at the Honour Clothing range. Hopefully some of you favourite BDSM items will be the things I cover in my workshop. You can always make a request!

I'm looking for a (male) cute maid or handsome submissive to demo on. Message me.

Miss Kim x