High Protocol

25 Dec, 2017

High Protocol

BDSM can have a lot of formality to it depending upon who you are playing with. But what is high protocal and is it for you? Ma'am will be showing us some of what makes up with formal aspect of BDSM on March 17th at the Mistress and Master Play Party.

Come along to Folklore Bar, 186 Hackney Road London E2 7QL from 9pm for a different kind of night out. This demo is just one of six that you can see, hear and experience on the night. They start from 10pm, so dont be late. 

With each event we try to bring a whole new insight into the amazing world of BDSM. This time we have 

1. Mistress Lagertha - Sensation and Massage Play

2. Mistress Pussy Willow - Wrestling moves demo - restraints without rope

3. Freya Trans Dom - Florentine flogging

4. Miss Kim - Electrastim - Electric play

5. Mistress Var - Saline Infusion

6 High Protocol - Ma’am (Fluidspace)