First Prize In From Libidex

27 Dec, 2017

First Prize In From Libidex

Libidex are known for their colourful creations, well, you only have to look at the owner Simon Rose and head designer, Marnie Scarlet to realise the only catagory for them is, the BEST Creative Rubber Oiutfit on April 7th at the Club RUB Annual Rubber Awards.

Libidex have a beautiful little shop in the heart of Covent Garden called Liberation (Facebook). It's a great place to go and try stuff on. That way you get a better idea of what suits you. Libidex are also famous for their pop up sales in Islington. Join their mailing list.




Event: April 7th 2018 is the 21st Birthday/Annual Rubber Awards/Reunion

Location: The Alice, 133 Houndsditch, City of London EC3A 7BX. Hours: 9pm to 3am.


We will start off the proceeding at 10pm, so get there nice and early folks. Make sure you have checked your bag and coat, got a drink, been to the loo and registarted your name. So we know what name to shout as the winner! 

We look forward to welcoming Simon Rose who will pick his winner.