Master & Mistress Halloween Fetish Ball

Event: 3 Nov, 2018

Master & Mistress Halloween Fetish Ball

Miss Kim from Club RUB and Simon Drake from the House of Magic present...Master & Mistress Halloween Fetish Ball.


The London's Scariest Event on Nov 3rd. A Nightmare Experience In The Haunted House of Magic. A Halloween Immersive Theatrical Experience!:

The witching hour is from 7pm on November 3rd 2018 until 1am, when carrages will arrive to take you, like Vampires, into the night.

Tickets are hot, watch you don't get burnt. Better hurry now...don't say we didnt tell you - losers! The address will be given, once the ticket is purchased. Venue is close to Kennington tube. TICKETS. 

Prepare yourselves for the most amazing haunted house in London...the House Of Magic!

As you step through the gates, you will be transported into the spooky Enchanted Garden. Beware of what is lurking in the shadows, as you walk through the mist towards the imposing mansion door.

Upon entering the gothic splendour of the House Of Magic, you will be greeted by our lucky black-rubber kitty cat. Hold out your palm, and she will read your fortune.

Once in the sumptious Red Room you will be able to choose your poison, at the well stocked bar, featuting many potions and tinctures!

Take the severed hand of the resident ghost Rosie and follow her into the Haunted Cellar. Tours run every hour. Just listen for the screams, to locate the entrance. The Master's butler and Betty the Nympo Vampiress will ensure you come out alive.

Take your place on the Whispering Chair. Sit carfully in the 'all seeing, all knowing chair'... where none of your secrets are safe.

The Baron Von Frankinstein will be conducting more electrical experiments on ...YOU! Visit him in his labratory and offer up parts of your body for experimentation!

Frankinsteins Monster has an electrifying personality. Be sure to shake his hand, if you meet him. He could have trick or a treat for you!

All gather for the hanging of the local strumpet witch...this long draw-out process that will have your eyes popping out. The executioner Mr Shibari, knows a thing or two about rope!

Hang out in the dungeon? (Oops! No! Put it away!) Beware of the Mistress, who lurks around the equipemnt waiting for some unweary soul to take a seat. Once the shackles are on, there is no escape.

Meet the pioneer of illusionist himself - Master Simon Drake. He now performs exclusively at his own London theatre ‘Simon Drake’s House of Magic’. This is your opportunity to peer into his world...drop down the rabbit hole and experience the MAGIC.

Miss Kim Rub, iconic rubber fetish - Queen Of Clubs will keep the cogs oiled and the plates spinning in the air, by whipping her slaves into action. The Mistress of the night, don't let her catch you not having fun!

The Magic Shop will be open for the first few hours. Be sure to keep your purse secure about your person!

On stage Marnie Scarlet perfoms as Poison Ivy. She will leave you agast, as you see her stab herself, and come away unscathed.

Ms Scarlet's second offering is the discarded Rubber Dolly who comes to life on stage, and fornicates in front of your very eyes.

Strange! Unusual! Bizarre! Arran Shurvinton depicts the 1922 silent movie vampire Nosferatu in a touching, chilling and beautiful parody. He dances too!

Dance, socialise, experience...die and live again, all in one night.

Just remember this is a fetish Halloween costume party. Everyone welcome. Fetish Dress Code Applies. Don't make us turn you away on the door, tear your ticket up and let it low away in the breeze. We dont care if you have a ticket! No effort, no entry. 

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Love, Miss Kim and Simon Drake x x