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Club Rub Newsletter

HOT NEWS: Club RUB returns to DUKES. It's the original location but the venue is ALL new and improved. It's looking beautiful. The new management are thrilled to have Club RUB back, the email said 'Welcome Home'! Club RUB was at venue for seven years but hasn't been there for four years as it's been closed.

Club RUB will be celebrating it's 16th Birthday on April 20th at DUKES, 18 - 20 Houndsditch, near LiverpoolSt/Aldgate, London EC3A 7DB.

Sweet Sixteen - we're legal! Bring on the naughtiness. What we need now is, all the new 'Rubbers' and old 'Rubbers' to make this Club RUB the best one ever.

The theme is Animal Menagerie and Beautiful Beasts (inc' pet play), so whether you go the whole 'hog' or just add a pair of ears to your regular fetish gear, it's so much fun to join in. You can wear ANY fetish clothes. This is not a rubber only club.

Spring Equinox is a time when all the beautiful beasts come to life, stags rut, bears awaken and sap rises. It's a time for mating - oh er missus.

Roll up, roll up for the animal menagerie a chance to spot rare and flamboyant creatures; peacocks, cougars, unicorns, mermaids, leopards...easy tiger!

Animal trainers in pith helmets and safari suits, equestrian attire, Ring Master and Mistresses strutt and parade.

Pet play cuties fetch and carry; kittens with toy mice, dogs fetch the ball, puppies beg, ponies trott-on and bunnies hop.

I get asked all the time, "where can I get certain pieces of fetish gear or themed items"? Always happy to help. Email me with any questions.

Get your TICKETS now. The door price has increased by 2.

Your questions answered. Thank for the emails folks.




Club RUB has a strict fetish dress code. It's a fetish club. The themes are serving suggestions only. Even though this month is animals and pets theme, you may wear ANY fetish clothing. Absolutely NO streetwear or rubbish normal trousers.


HOTTEST NEWS: Meet the new Club RUB team - The Ambassadors.

Fire Show from Ruby True.

Ring Mistress - Goddesss Penelope with the Animal Menagerie parade - the competition. We already have six prizes!

Mistress Sparkly will paint on the finishing touches to your animal look.

The cosy corner 'Den Of Iniquity' for kisses and cuddles.

Libidex prize is in!

Singapore Sling with grandstand viewing.

Pet play-pen is a place where you can leave your pets to frolic with each other!

Tickets for all events.

The Club RUB Fetish Speed Dating is all about matching you animals up two-by-two. Prompt start at 11pm.

Need the Meet and Greet service? Need the Birthday Treat service?

Master Workshop is on the same day as Club RUB April 20th 2013. Taught by Michael Cain.

The original and the best Latex Workshop is on Saturday May 11th 2013. Taught by Miss KIM.

The Dom-estics stall always has rubber shine - Pjur Cult dressing aid and Vivishine. Plus LOADS of whippy things and bondage things for animals! Plus some cute rubbery things!

Skin Two feature.

XXXBritian review of March 2013 event.

Thefetishistas feature.

Fixe mag interview.

Foreverfetish mag interview.

Skin Two party on April 13th is not to be missed.

Honour is like a one-stop-shop for all your fetish needs. Their shop in Waterloo is packed with fetish delights. Guys looking for PVC jeans - theirs are the cheapest!

Kazami Ranki, the Japanese rope master, to teach and perform in London in May 2013 at Esinem.

Save 'Preaching to The Perverted'. One of the fetish scene's best loved films has launched a campaign to restore the film to Blue-ray and make it easily accessible for all generations. Click below and donate to pre-order the Blue-ray, get merchandise, dinner dates with Dominas, cast and crew, tickets to a private VIP screening and much much more!

Absolutely NO cameras. This is a self-policing process and it's for your benefit - not anyone else's! Offenders will be sent to the dog house.

First row of photos are by Mike Sweeney. Bottom row by Tony Betts. Them and more are in the Gallery.

Kims Kinky Tips

If your in a noisy environment where you may not hear your sub. Give them a light-up ball that illuminates when dropped. That will get your attention. It may also indicate if they have fainted.

Past Events


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Your Letters

Got loads of emails about the doll night. However, many more about the move to Dukes. See below.

I am very excited to be able to be at Dukes and then I can be like all the best of the old school pervs!! Home coming party!! Synth xxx

Fantastic news! What a genius you are! Can't wait. Tim xx

Great to hear, Kim, we always loved Dukes, and I have fond memories of photographing there, as well as great play nights. David x

WOW!!!! What great news, lots of fond memories. Must drag her indoors to this! Andy Breathless x

Thank god for that.....x Sarah S x

Hmm.. Would be interested into going to Rub at Dukes. Dukes was where I met Chainy in what feels like a bazillion years ago! :D Scarlet

Great news as the venue works. Boo

That's AWESOME news!!!! Well done Kim! Goddess PenelopeXxx

Oh my goodness Kim. Game, Set and Match. Cannot wait to see you. Catherine Deperve xxxxx

That is so cool, back to the old days. Used to love the walk down the stairs for the first time of the night not knowing what to expect downstairs with my free bottle of Silk Lube. Had some of our best nights at Dukes. Definatly back to a Rub regular now. I wonder if some of the old faces that we haven't seen for a while are still in there, maybe left tied up in the corner from last time. Kim, you are wonderful. Thank you. MistyBuff

Looks awesome. Only been to Rub once some time back when it was near Old Street and not the greatest of venues. Looks like its time I got my ass to Dukes though. Wow! Yan Mac

Future Events
  • April 20th - Animals Crackers - 16th Birthday Extravaganza (trainers, wild beasts, furries and pet play)
  • May 18th - Alice in Wonderland Tea Party
  • June 22nd - Circus Comes To Town - Roll up, roll up!
  • July 20th - RED Hot Summer!
  • August 17th - Old School style (corsets, bondage, hoods, retro/vintage, leather, Muir caps, clones, moustashes, DM's)
  • September 21st - Medical - An Appointment To See Matron!
  • October 19th - 16th Annual Rubber Awards
  • November 16th - Attention it's Uniforms
  • December 21st - Santa Ball
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Looking forward to seeing you all on

Saturday, April 20th 2013


Miss KIM x